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Varley & Swain Genealogy

This research compiles my family genealogy.

Sources for some of the historical names sometimes have conflicting dates, etc. If you notice an obvious error, please alert me to it.

For privacy reasons, some info about living ancestors has been omitted.  This info is for research purposes only.

Any questions, contact me at my email link below.

Also, this info is as accurate as possible, but please don’t take it as absolute fact and truth. Some dates and sources may be off. This data is for research purposes only.

Surnames included in this data contain: Varley, Swain, Buchanan, Pardoe, Poulton, Miller, Watson, Griggs, Roddy, Manis, Campbell, Lea, Foreman, Stewart, Ure, Slater, Millar, Bruce, McGowan, Stephenson, Hills, Lawson, Bean, McKinley, Hancock, Pascall, Schooley, Archer, Barclay, MacDuff and Hardie.

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