Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameGRIGGS, Robert Sr. , 5G Grandfather
Birthabt 1742
DeathMay 1803
Burial12 May 1803, St. Mary, Dover, Kent, England
Christen29 Aug 1742, St. Mary, Dover, Kent, England
FatherGRIGGS, John (ch. 1712-1754)
MotherSCOATES, Mary (~1713-)
Compiled by L. Griggs Richardson--Salt Lake City, Utah.
Other source is from general research by D.E. Gardner family record.
Marriage27 Apr 1763, St. Mary, Dover, Kent, England
SpousePASCALL, Susannah, 5G Grandmother
Birthabt 1743
Christen14 Sep 1743, St. Mary, Dover, Kent, England
Burial26 Feb 1814, St. Mary, Dover, Kent, England
FatherPASCALL, William (ca1708-1746)
MotherWORTHINGTON, Ann (ca1707-1770)
1 MGRIGGS, John6, 5G Uncle
Birthabt 1764
2 FGRIGGS, Charlotte6, 5G Aunt
Birthabt 1766
3 MGRIGGS, Robert, 5G Uncle
Birthabt 1768, Dover, Kent, England
DeathOct 1769
4 MGRIGGS, Robert, 5G Uncle
Birth23 Sep 1770, Dover, Kent, England
Death22 Jul 1830
SpousePOPKISS, Mary (~1771-1821)
5 MGRIGGS, William, 5G Uncle
Birth13 Dec 1772, Dover, Kent, England
SpouseMARSH, Elizabeth James (ch. 1774-~1845)
6 MGRIGGS, John, 5G Uncle
Birth4 Apr 1775, Dover, Kent, England
DeathJan 1778
7 MGRIGGS, Henry, 5G Uncle
Birth20 Oct 1777, Dover, Kent, England
DeathJun 1778
8 MGRIGGS, Jack Sr., GGGG Grandfather
Birth30 Apr 1779, Dover, Kent, England
DeathJul 1834
SpouseHILLS, Ann , GGGG Grandmother (1784-1834)
SpouseWATSON, Mary Or Margaret , Step GGGG Grandmother
9 MGRIGGS, Henry6, 5G Uncle
Birthabt Sep 1781, Dover, Kent, England
Deathabt Sep 1781
10 MGRIGGS, Charles6, 5G Uncle
Birth8 Apr 1783, Dover, Kent, England
11 FGRIGGS, Charlotte6, 5G Aunt
Birth17 Oct 1784, Dover, Kent, England
Deathabt Mar 1859
12 FGRIGGS, Susanna6, 5G Aunt
Birth9 Mar 1786, Dover, Kent, England
13 MGRIGGS, Henry6, 5G Uncle
Birth29 Jan 1789, Dover, Kent, England
Deathabt Jun 1851
SpousePATTEN, Elizabeth (~1787-~1850)
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