Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameRODDYE, Col. James, 5G Grandfather
Birthabt 1742, North Carolina
Deathabt 1822, Jefferson Co, Tenn
OccupationFarmer/Revolutionary War Veteran
FatherRODDYE, James (1710-)
Misc. Notes
Lt. Col. in the Mil in 1788, member Gen Assembly Tenn; Buried at Bent Creek Bapt. Cemetery near Russelville, Hamblen Co., Tenn. in unmarked grave.
Also was in Revolutionary War at Boyds Creek & Kings Mt., Capt.
Lived in North Carolina and Tenn.

From the paper, “Leaves from the family tree Roddye.”
The Roddye family is one of the most ancient in Ireland and traces its descent from Melesius through Ficheallach, who was the ancestor of O’Rodoighe, the name having been Anglicized into O’Roddy, Roddy, Reddy and Ruddy.
The American Roddyes settled first in Pennsylvania, and from there scattered through the various colonies.
Col. James Roddye, the ancestor of the Tennessee family that is traced here, was born about the year, 1742. He was one of the early settlers in the Watauga Settlement, and was a member of Capt. William Bean’s company, which was active in Washington County, in 1778. Because of his Whig sentiments, his life was threatened by the Tory leader, Grimes, and for this and other outrages the Tories were driven from the Watauga Valley.
During the progress of the revolution, James Roddye became captain of a company which did good service on the Western frontier. In 1780, with his men, he participated in the Battle of Boyd’s Creek, during the Sevier’s Cherokee expedition, and he fought at the Battle of King’s Mountain, Oct. 7, 1780.
In 1785, he was elected one of the deputies from Greene County to assist in the formation of the state of Franklin and took an active part in the affairs of the short-lived state.
Upon the formation of Jefferson County in 1792, he was a justice of the first court. He was a member of the first state senate of Tennessee from Jefferson County, and assisted in the framing of the Constitution.
Col. Roddye received large grants of land from the state of North Carolina for his Revolutionary services, which were located near Cheek’s Crossroads and Russellville, Tenn., in the present county of Hamblin (for merely a part of Jefferson County).
Col. Roddye is said to have first married Catherine Chase, by whom he had several children. His second marriage was to Lydia Russell, daughter of Capt. George and Elizabeth Russell, for whom Russellville, Tenn., is named.
George Russell served as captain in the Revolutionary War under Col. John Sevler, and received for his services several thousand acres of land among which was a grant upon which the town of Russellville is located.
Col. Roddye’s will, made on Dec. 22, 1821, and proven at the March court, 1823, is recorded in Jefferson County, Tennessee (Will Book 2, page 380).
His will mentions his wife, Lydia. To his son Jesse is bequeathed 600 acres on the north side of the Tennessee river below the west point of White’s Creek; to sons, John and Isaac, lands in Claiborne County on Powell’s River. To sons, Thomas and William, lands “on which I now live.” Son James is mentioned.
Personal bequests were made to his daughters: Elizabeth Lea, Rachel Majors, Lydia Wright, Annie Lea, Mary (Polly) Leuty and Sidney Hail.
Executors: Sons, Isaac, John and Thomas Roddy, John Lea and Charles Porter.
Prior to the death of Col. James Roddye, several of his children had settled in Rhea County, Tenn., and his widow removed to Rhea after his death to make her home with those children.
Lydia Roddye’s will was made on Dec. 24, 1824 and was proven at the August sessions of the Rhea County Court, 1825 (Wills of Rhea County, Vol. 1, Page 1.)
The will of Lydia Roddye mentions bequests to her daughter, Sydney, wife of Patrick Hail; daughter, Annie, wife of John Lea; daughter, Mary, wife of William S. Leuty; son, Isaac Roddy. John Lea and Patrick Hail are named as executors; William Givins and John Lea as witnesses.
Col. James Roddye retained the final “e” in the spelling of the name, but later generations have dropped it and the name is now generally spelled “Roddy.”

Some sources list his birthplace as being Ireland and England
Compiled: Robert L. Varley, 901 Linwood St., Escondido, CA 92027
Marriage1 Mar 1766
SpouseCHASE, Catherine Jane, 5G Grandmother
Death1799, Washington Co., TN
1 FRODDYE, Elizabeth, 5G Aunt
Death20 Sep 1823
SpouseLEA, James M. , 5G Uncle (1760-1823)
2 MRODDYE, James Jr., 5G Uncle
SpouseBATES, Anna (1791-1851)
3 MRODDYE, William V., 5G Uncle
4 MRODDYE, Thomas, 5G Uncle
SpouseNENNEY, Liddie (1801-1887)
5 MRODDY, Jesse P., GGGG Grandfather
Birth5 Jan 1775, North Carolina (Or Washington Co. Tenn)
Death16 Feb 1861, Rhea Co., Tennessee
SpouseMAHAFFE, Jennie , GGGG Grandmother (1779-~1830)
6 FRODDYE, Rachel, 5G Aunt
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