Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameBEAN, Capt. William14, 7G Uncle
Birth9 Dec 1721, St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co., VA
DeathMay 1782, Washington Co., TN
Burial1782, Bean Station, TN
FatherBEAN, William (~1700-)
MotherHATTON, Margaret (~1701-)
Misc. Notes
They lived in the western portion of Halifax County, Virginia where William and others were ordered to lay out a rode from William's house to the courthouse. In 1766 they area in which they lived became Pittsylvania County. In 1768 and 1769 they sold their land in Pittsylvania County and moved into the wilderness of the Great Smokey Mountains in what would later become eastern Tennessee. They built a cabin on a point between Boone's Creek and the Watauga River. It is said that William had hunted there with Daniel Boone and was familiar with the area. They were the first permanent white settlers in Tennessee. That same year their son Russell was born. The first white child born in Tennessee. Soon they were joined by Lydia's brothers John and George.14

The 2nd and 3rd William Bean's shown in this line were both American Revolutionary War Veterans. They were in the Battle of King's Mountain, described by Thomas Jefferson as the turning point of the war.

The William Bean of the 2nd generation above (usually called William Bean, Sr.) is the father of the first white child born in what became Tennessee, Russell Bean b: 1769. William Bean, Sr.'s wife, Lydia Russell Bean was kidnapped by Indians, was about to undergo torture and death (as a neighbor boy had just been killed in front of her) when she was saved by the famous Beloved Woman, a sort of Indian wise woman, Nancy Ward. This 2nd William and his son William, Jr. were both known as Captain William Bean, their title in the militia.

Although the Bean's had friends among the Cherokee, they also had enemies. Reportedly, when William Bean, Sr. died, his grave was disguised so that ememy Indians would not desecrate his body. The grave was subsequently entirely lost.26
Marriage1744, Guilford County, NC
SpouseRUSSELL, Lydia, 7G Aunt
Birth29 Sep 1726, North Farnham County, VA
Deathbef 18 Jun 1788, Grainger County, TN
FatherRUSSELL, William (~1677-1757)
MotherHENLEY, Martha (~1692-)
Misc. Notes
Lydia Russell, sister of George Russell was probably not born in North Farnham Parish. Parish records indicate that the Lydia born there was the child of Joseph and Sarah Russell. There was a George Russell born in North Farnham Parish around the same time (30 Nov 1720) but parish records indicate his parents were George and Mary Russell. This research has also not found proof that William and Lydia married in Guilford County, North Carolina.
Birth1745, Augusta Co., VA
Deathabt 1825, Hawkins Co., TN
SpouseBALL, Rachel (~1756-1778)
SpouseBLAIR, Elizabeth (~1740-~1818)
Birthbet. 1747-1750, Halifax Co., VA
Deathabt 1793, Hawkins Co., TN
3 MBEAN, Jesse14, 1C7R
Birthabt 1750, Halifax Co., VA
Death10 Sep 1829, Independence Co., AR
SpouseMITCHELL, Elizabeth (1758-1837)
Deathbef 1820, Franklin Co., TN
5 MBEAN, John14, 1C7R
Birth1760, Virginia
Deathabt 1811, Washington Co., TN
Birth1763, Halifax Co., VA
Death3 Dec 1807, Grainger County, TN
SpouseELLIS, Margaret (~1769->1850)
7 FBEAN, Jane14, 1C7R
Birth1766, Halifax Co., VA
Death1798, Grainger County, TN
8 FBEAN, Sarah14, 1C7R
Birth1768, Pittsylvania Co, VA
Death1861, Fair Play, Oceolo Co., MO
SpouseBOWEN, John (1764-1823)
Birth1769, Washington Co., TN
Death9 Jan 1826, Washington Co., TN
SpouseROBERTSON, Rosamond (1775-1852)
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