Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameSaint David I, King Of Scotland, 26G Grandfather
Birthabt 1080
Death24 May 1153, Carlisle, Cumbria, England
BurialDunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
OccupationKing Of Scots 1124-53
Misc. Notes
David I, King of Scotland
David I, b. c.1084, d. May 24, 1153, king of Scotland (1124-53), reorganized the Scottish kingdom along Norman lines. The youngest son of MALCOLM III and his English queen, St. MARGARET OF SCOTLAND, he was educated in Norman England, where his sister Edith had married King Henry I. By his marriage to Maud de Senlis he acquired the English earldoms of Northampton and Huntington. David ruled southern Scotland as earl during the reign of his brother, Alexander I, whom he succeeded in 1124. As king, he intervened in English affairs to aid his niece, Queen MATILDA, against King STEPHEN but was defeated at the Battle of the Standard near Northallerton in 1138.
During David's reign Normans and Flemings settled in Scotland, and such institutions as the sheriffdom, the justiciary, and the jury were developed. David built numerous castles as centers of royal authority and created a number of towns. He also founded many religious houses and established a system of diocesan bishops. He was succeeded by his grandson, Malcolm IV.
Charles H. Haws
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Source: "Robert the Bruce, King of Scots" by Ronald McNair Scott
SpouseHUNTINGTON, Matilda Of Northumberland, 26G Grandmother
MotherDE LENS, Judith (1054->1086)
1 MMalcolm, 26G Uncle
Birthabt 1114
Death12 Jun 1152
SpouseDE WARENNE, Adelaide (Ada) , 25G Grandmother (1120-1178)
3 MClarcia, 26G Uncle
4 MHodierna, 26G Uncle
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