Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameMARTEL, Charles "The Hammer", King Of Franks, 37G Grandfather
Death22 Oct 741, Ciersv
Misc. Notes
Charles Martel
The Frankish ruler Charles Martel, b. c.688, d. Oct. 22, 741, was the first CAROLINGIAN to bring most of what is today France under his control. He was the illegitimate son of Pepin of Heristal, mayor of the palace in AUSTRASIA. When his father died (714) Charles fought for five years against Pepin's widow, Plectrude; Ragemfred, mayor of the palace in NEUSTRIA; and Radbod, duke of the Frisians, to secure his position as mayor.
From 719 until his death, Charles worked to expand Carolingian domination. In 732 or 733 he stopped the Muslim Arab advance northward from Spain in a celebrated battle between Poitiers and Tours. He conquered (733) Burgundy and thereafter fought steadily in the south of France. Although Charles supported the Christian mission of St. BONIFACE in Germany, he declined to help Pope Gregory III against the LOMBARDS in Italy. When Charles died he was succeeded as mayor of the palace by his sons PEPIN THE SHORT and Carloman.
Bernard S. Bachrach
Bibliography: Lot, Ferdinand, The End of the Ancient World and the Beginnings of the Middle Ages (1931); Wallace-Hadrill, J. M., The Barbarian West, 400-1000, 3d ed. (1967).
SpouseSunnichild, Step 37G Grandmother
1 MGrifo, Half 37G Uncle
2 MChiltrud, Half 37G Uncle
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