Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameWilliam I “The Conqueror”, King Of England , 29G Uncle
Birth1028, Falaise Castle, Normandy, France
Death9 Sep 1087, Rouen, Normandy, France
OccupationKing Of England 1066-1087
Misc. Notes
William I
The victory of William I, 'the Conqueror' (1066-1087), Duke of Normandy, at Hastings and his subsequent coronation in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1066 did not give him complete control of England. Remaining resistance was, however, severely crushed and castles built to control the country (including a fortress at Windsor, and the White Tower at the Tower of London). The lands of defeated Saxon nobles were given to William's followers in return for military service by a certain number of knights, so that the tenants' foremost obligation was allegiance to the King. This firmly established the feudal system. In 1086, William commissioned the Domesday Book, to record land holdings for the assessment of taxes and other dues. William spent long periods in Normandy to maintain his authority there, dealing with rebellions and French invasions. William died in 1087 in Normandy, leaving his duchy to his eldest son, Robert, and England to his next surviving son, William Rufus.
SpouseMatilda, Countess Of Flanders, 1C29R
Birthabt 1032
Death3 Nov 1083
FatherFLANDERS, Baldwin V, Count (~1012-1067)
MotherAdele, Princess Of France (1009-1079)
2 MRichard, 1C29R
Birth1056/1060, Normandy, France
Death2 Aug 1100, New Forest, Hampshire, England
Death1 Dec 1135, Rouen, France
BirthSep 1068, Selby, Yorkshire, England
SpouseMatilda, Queen Of England , 27G Aunt (1079-1118)
6 FConstance29, 1C29R
7 FAdeliza29, 1C29R
9 FAgatha29, 1C29R
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