Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameSCHOOLEY, John10, 7G Grandfather
Birth1609, Aughton, Parish Of Aston
Death29 Mar 1695, Chesterfield Township, Burlington, New Jersey
FatherSCHOOLEY, Richard (1583-1638)
MotherMrs. Richard (~1585-)
Misc. Notes
When John Scholey became "Olde ub years and decrepit in health" he prepared for his death by making a will. It is among Unrecorded Wills Vol 3, pg 377( D. of S. of N.J.) His will was dated "March ye 29th, 1695.
"I, John Scholey, being weak of body, but of good memory, do ordean this my laste will and testament."
"First, I commit by Soule into the hand of Almighty God; next my body to be buried att my wife and sonn discretion."
"I givve to my wife, Isabel all my chattels and my plantation where I now live, until my sonn John com of age , and then my plantation, goods and chattels to be equally divided between them. " I give to my son Thomas, my land liing next to John Wareing (Warren) , as his and his heirs an asignes forever," Likewise, I give to my sonn Thomas a piece of meadow, to him and his heirs forever, containing quaintiutie of 6 acres."
This will "was sealed and delivered in the presence of " Matthew Champion , and William Bustil,.
The 7th day of April, 1696. " then proved ye Codocill, or testatis Mentis of John Scholey within named.
Edward Hunlocke, Nathan Westland, Thomas Revell, Sec'y and Reb't As the executrix of John Scholey will, Isabel was required to give bond. Her felow signers on her bond, were Matthew Champion, and Daniel Smith, both of Burlington county in ye province of West Jersey". This bond was sealed on the "7th day of April 1696." By this bond Isabel was required to give account from time to time concerning the estate."
A plantation called Scholey's, was mentioned in the will of Thomas Lambert, in the year 1693. This was about 3 years before the death of John  Scholey.
Marriage13 Apr 1633, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England
SpouseFLETCHER, Elizabeth10, 7G Grandmother
Birth1609, Ratherham, England
FatherFLETCHER, Richard (~1581-)
MotherELLIS, Alice (~1585-)
1 MSCHOOLEY, Richard10, 7G Uncle
Birth1636, , York, England
Death1686, , York, England
2 FSCHOOLEY, Ellen10, 7G Aunt
Birth1638, , York, England
Death1654, , York, England
3 MSCHOOLEY, William10, 7G Uncle
Birth1640, , York, England
4 MSCHOOLEY, Robert10, 7G Uncle
Birth1648, Hemsworth, England
Death1689, Burlington, Burnlington, New Jersey
5 MSCHOOLEY, Thomas, 6G Grandfather
Birthabt 1650, Hunwork, Yorks, England
Death6 Feb 1724, Chesterfield, Burlington, New Jersey
SpousePARKER, Sarah , 6G Grandmother (~1668->1724)
6 FSCHOOLEY, Mary10, 7G Aunt
Birthabt 1653, , York, England
DeathJun 1681, Burlington Township, NJ, USA
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