Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameRAULSTON, Samuel35
Birth22 Jan 1810, Sequatchee Valley, AL
Death25 May 1866, Marion Co., TN
SpouseBEENE, Mildred “Milly”35, 3C5R
Birth14 Nov 1818, Coffee, Co., TN
Death28 Jun 1900, Marion Co., TN
FatherBEENE, Obadiah (1785-1840)
MotherHEIFNER, Barbara (1791-1841)
Birth12 Oct 1836, Tennessee
SpouseBEENE, Lemuel , 3C5R (1833-1887)
Birth1 Oct 1838, Tennessee
Death11 Sep 1908
Birthabt 1842
Birth12 Mar 1844, Marion Co., TN
Death2 Aug 1896, Marion Co., TN
SpousePATTON, Martha Ann (1846-1925)
Birth26 Dec 1846
Death22 May 1920
Birth26 Sep 1850, Marion Co., TN
Death24 Aug 1928, Blanket, TX
SpouseHISE, Lemuel Patrick (1846-1922)
Birthabt 1855, Tennessee
Birth2 Feb 1858, Marion Co., TN
Death3 Oct 1929, Rutherford Co., TN
SpouseWYNNE, John Robert (1861-1932)
Birth9 Sep 1862
Death24 Jun 1945
SpouseMITCHELL, Matilda (1865-)
Birth26 Jan 1864
Death29 Sep 1934
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This info is base often times on multiple source - sometimes with conflicting information. Don’t use this data as the absolute truth, but rather one source of the data. Email me with additions, errors or questions.