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My name is Lars Behme, and I have been researching my family in the Brunswick area (the villages surrounding the town, and the city of Brunswick) for the past 25 years. With the year 1392, I have now reached the bottom, so it seems. Hence, I have started looking left and right of the way. It was through this wider research of the brothers' and sisters' families that I came across your website which lists the death of a Jules H. BEHME on November 8, 1912 in Chico, Cali.

This Jules H. BEHME was born
Julius Heinrich Jacob Behme, and was born on February 2, 1839 in a small hamlet called Bodenstedt in the Duchy of Brunswick. His parents were
Behme Johann Anton Friedrich, servant in Bodenstedt, prospective cottager (in direct line to inherit the estate from his father, owner of a small farm, on which there was a residence, a "cottage"), himself born in Bettmar (at the long meadows) in 1804, and son of the Bettmar cottager Samuel Behme and Anne Dorothee, née Welge

1. Bettmar 6 Jan 1837 to Dorothee Wilhelmine Roloff, widow of Johann Friedrich Christian Kastens,
2. Bleckenstedt 3 Nov 1837 to Katharine Dorothee Henriette, née Ehlers * 11 Mar 1812, daughter of Johann Hennig Ehlers and Ilse Christine, née Rasche

The children of the Behme/ Rasche connection:

1. 1st Heinrich Jacob Julius (Jules H,; Julius) *2 Feb 1839, † 8 Nov 1912 Chico, Butte Co. Cali, ≘ ibd. 11 Nov 1912, 
2. 2nd Sophie Dorothee Christiane * 5 Jan 1841, 
3. 3rd Ilse Wilhelmine Konradine * 2 May 1844, 
4. 4th Johanne Dorothee Henriette * 31 Dec 1846

The Behme family declared their intention to leave the Duchy of Brunswick towards America in 1852/ signature 187 A.
This information was researched in the original church registers of Bettmar, Bleckenstedt, and Bodenstedt in the Lower Saxony State Archives at Wolffenbüttel.
My direct family was in receipt of a fee directly from the Dukes of Brunswick since at least 1474. Your Behme branch was also a member of that fee. This was very unusual for a farmer's family since land would ideally be received as a fee from an overlord, such as the church, or a larger land owner, but rarely by the Duke or Earl directly. Hence, most paperwork is still there, and wasn't lost.
In case you cannot follow the link to the term "fee" - the said fee was dissolved in 1841. The Behme estates in the hamlets of Sierße and Bettmar are still in Behme hands.
Hope this is of some use to you.

Best wishes,
\Lars Behme, Mullagh, Ireland
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